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Result WCD-2016

pdf icon winners-kick-light-13-15
pdf icon winners-kick-light-16-18
pdf icon winners-kick-light-19-40
pdf icon winners-kick-light-veteran
pdf icon winners-light-10-12
pdf icon winners-light-13-15
pdf icon winners-light-16-18
pdf icon winners-light-19-40
pdf icon winners-light-veteran
pdf icon winners-low-kick-15-16
pdf icon winners-low-kick-17-18
pdf icon winners-low-kick-19-40
pdf icon winners-point-8-9
pdf icon winners-point-10-12
pdf icon winners-point-13-15
pdf icon winners-point-16-18
pdf icon winners-point-19-40
pdf icon winners-point-veteran
pdf icon winners-full-13-14
pdf icon winners-full-15-16
pdf icon winners-full-17-18
pdf icon winners-full-19-40
pdf icon winners-k-1-19-40
pdf icon winners-k-1-15-16
pdf icon winners-k-1-17-18
pdf icon winners-kick-light-10-12

Results WCD-2015

K-1 1996+ 4c96dcb5a49f994f76cabddb6733baf0.pdf

K-1 1997-98 ec2befec754409e456eb96eacb97df2d.pdf

K-1 1999-00 8fc1cea9d43b7c8ba1fb6364f6e2a2d5.pdf


LIGHT 1996+ bc37af62ca954a0d07eaae3211abb80f.pdf

LIGHT 1997-99  83410fa25165fef964132cc3b0b3b7c4.pdf

LIGHT 2000-02 4e58de7611cb61020ff8544f5f8ff571.pdf

LIGHT 2003-05 61135237728644c0a6c73d69cba6d59a.pdf


FULL 1996+ c11c9b22e3dde4b9cad9174ea21fad76_1.pdf

FULL 1997-98 914f208603bc9dba74c2c89ebb71bf7c.pdf

FULL 1999-00 7a347c1a1e480befb86777489d2efc84.pdf


LOW KICK 1996+ 48aff957d9f8efa678d0b28a65efabe5.pdf

LOW KICK 1997-98 f34e771c052591b9df8a82861008bcf4.pdf

LOW KICK 1999-00 fcc4323ad3e5175303034b3064c1529a.pdf


POINTFIGTING 1996+ 6ca1de15c6ae1db77e798cfe4c8522e1.pdf

POINTFIGTING 1997-99 8391e730c3dde24c4542b230bb51026b.pdf

POINTFIGTING 2000-02 a5b60da3e143dbd6272e1d8c2598b1fc.pdf

POINTFIGTING 2003-05 7b82ab44162d257a733def2448f401b4.pdf

POINTFIGTING 2006-08 fb1f8c85979ddacd7504768306aa91fc.pdf

Resultes WCD-2013

In the World Cup Diamond-2013 took part 1191 fighter from 23 countries of the world.
Results the Cup the World Diamond — 2013:
full — contact, Male 1.xlsx
full — contact, Female 2.xlsx
light — contact, Male 3.xlsx
light — contact, Female 4.xlsx
point — fighting, Male 5.xlsx
point — fighting, Female 6.xlsx
kick light, Male 7.xlsx
kick light, Female 8.xlsx
low kick, Male 9.xlsx
low kick, Female 10.xlsx
K-1, Male 11.xlsx
K-1, Female 12.xlsx

Results World Cup Diamond-2010

download style Musical Forms — forms.xls
download style Semi-contact — semi.doc
download style Light-contact — light.doc
download style Full-contact — FULL.doc
download style Low kick — low.doc
download style Light low kick — light- low.doc
download style K-1 —